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It's like an all-inclusive - but on the amazing Florida Keys water (and no bad buffets!)


We've got the vacation covered - your hotel room, the amenities, the location, the activities and the boat - all in one!


Consider this when you are going over the prices: A typical hotel room in the Florida Keys will run about $200+ a night and an 8-hour boat charter is about $250 for a small 22' open fisherman - not to mention what eating out everynight will do to your budget!


We'll seem like a deal, now! 

2 Night Explore - $770

3 Night Explore - $1155

4 Night Explore - $1500

5 Night Explore - $1875

6 Night Explore - $2190

7 Night Explore - $2485


* All prices include houseboat rental, kayak usage, snorkel equipment, fishing equipment & first fill up of ice.

* Prices do not include fuel or Monroe County Sales Tax of 7.5%

* There is a $1000 security and damage deposit held while you are out.